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Telling time in Thailand (but not at Jee’s!)

Visitors to Thailand will have difficulties with the Thai clock. In most English speaking countries a 12 hour clock is used. That is, the day is divided into two 12 hour parts: AM and PM.  1 AM is 1 o'clock in the night half and 1 PM is 1 o'clock in the day half.

Most of the rest of the world uses a 24 hour clock, running from midnight to midnight. So 1 o'clock AM is just 1:00, while 1 o'clock PM is 13:00 (the thirteenth hour since midnight). Since the US military also uses the 24 hour clock, if you have any trouble, just ask a veteran!

But in Thailand everything falls apart! The day is divided into SIX parts!

Confusing? You bet! But thankfully (especially for tourists), Thai government offices, as well as train, bus and airline schedules all run on the 24 hour clock.

Oh, one more thing. The Thai year is based on Buddhist Era (B.E.) calendar and is 543 years ahead of  the USA! In Thailand the year 2019 is 2562! Wow! I’m a lot younger in the USA!

But don’t worry. Here at Jee’s Top5 we use the good old American clock and calendar!